Cello Vendors

Cello partners with strategic suppliers to offer the highest quality products available in the industry.
We provide, install, and service everything required for home cinemas, home automation, communication and integration systems. Projectors, digital music servers, acoustic treatments, projection screens, touch-screens, lighting controls, phone systems and other peripherals are all a part of our turnkey solutions approach.
Our relationships allow us to provide our clients with unparalleled access to latest technology on the market and our history of design and manufacturing (see Legacy Cello Products and Cello Custom Products) means that our partnerships with suppliers go both ways and we provide input into product designs. This means that products we use are often specifically tailored to the designs we create.

Cello Strategic Partners

Besides materials suppliers, Cello partners with experts from various fields to provide our customers with every advantage when seeking a world class result. These experts range from acoustic designers to mechanical automation wizards, each bringing a specialized talent to make sure that a project does not have any compromises.

Our project partners also have a lot to do with our ability to successfully meet a client's needs. We partner with the most highly respected builders and architects to provide world class results. This is possible because we share the same values and motivation; to provide our customers with the absolute highest quality experience from the beginning of the project to the final result. This is evidenced by the fact that we have been asked, and have provided, our services to the principals of several architecture and construction firms with whom we work.



AMX, Netlinx, Phast
(formerly: Panja)

Acoustic Materials

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