Professionally Run Organization
Cello is one of the few companies in this industry run as a team of experts. We are not an organization focused around a single individual. We are a company that emphasizes a team solutions approach. We pair this with an infrastructure to support our clients, no matter where in the world they are.

An Experienced Team, A Broad Range of Expertise
Out team is made up of top talent from a variety of industries including; consumer electronics, acoustics, construction, software design, engineering, and many more. This results in a truly world class team with the ability to handle any challenge. Cello can combine resources all over the country to ensure that we can successfully overcome any design obstacle, and provide the best service for our clients.

The Cello Sales Process
The Cello sales process is unique in our industry. We do what we say we'll do, period. We strive never to over commit and under deliver. Over 90% of our new business comes from referrals. After working with us once, architects and builders stay loyal to our team. After experiencing a Cello system in their home, clients are eager to share our name with their friends.

Focus on Advanced Technology, not trendy gadgets
Client feedback and industry advancements drive us to deliver friendlier, smarter, faster, longer lasting, and more reliable products for our clients. We are a technology and innovation driven organization, dedicated to the advancement of our clients, our people and our products.

Engineering and Design
The Cello Team provides architectural quality detailed designs and precision drawings of each room or home we design. This means that you will be able to see the results before we go to work.

We will translate your dream into a precise, executable plan. Our team of Computer-Aided Design, Electrical, Structural and Acoustical Engineers will design your entertainment and control environment for the highest quality of video performance, sonic accuracy, and system integration. Our multidisciplinary approach assures acoustical, visual, and mechanical precision during the installation process. The result is an easy-to-operate environment that works as beautifully as it sounds - a place where you will be proud to entertain your friends, or relax with your family.

Project Management
Our professional management team coordinates your home entertainment project. They understand construction and work with your team to ensure that your home entertainment system installation is on time, on budget, and that the system's performance exceeds expectations.

Installation, Wiring & Programming
Our installers are professional, courteous, and efficient. They know how to discreetly implement and execute complex plans in any luxury environment. We take special care to ensure that we work in a method that is not disruptive to your home or lifestyle.

Cello installation teams "future proof" your home. We install wiring in anticipation of new technology so your system is easy to upgrade no matter what innovations come to market. Our installation programmers design system software that allows you to effortlessly control components that "speak to each other." The goal is to make your life easier and more efficient by simplifying your electronic lifestyle.

Client Education
You are the audience. You are also the most important component of your system. Your system controls should be intuitive and easy to operate. We work with you and give you hands-on, practical training in your personal entertainment environment. After our training, you will know how to get the maximum performance out of your system. You will also receive full documentation of your installation and complete written instructions on its operation. Additionally, our team is only a phone call away should you have any questions.

Cello provides you with extraordinary support for everything we install. However, guarantees and warranties aside, we find that our clients become Cello audiences for LIFE. That has been our tradition and that is our goal for the future. We have great pride in the level of service we achieve and are totally committed to you, our client. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Client List
Cello doesn't just have a few key clients; we have one of the largest and most prominent client lists in the industry. We have years of practical experience working for discriminating individuals, installing systems in many of the world's most luxurious homes.

One of the greatest values appreciated by our clients is our discretion. We respect our clients privacy and do not share any client or project information without explicit permission.

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