Legacy Cello Products

Legacy products are no longer manufactured or offered for sale.

Cello Ltd. ceased operations in the spring of 2000. For 15 years Mark Levinson and the engineers at Cello created the world's best high fidelity equipment, and the continued interest in the equipment speaks to the enduring quality and performance of those products. The Cello Ltd. product line consisted speakers, amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and peripherals.

Because of the quality and longevity of these products, many customers continue to enjoy these products, so we do our best to facilitate any repairs or parts requirements.

For customers building new systems, or upgrading current systems, Cello offers modern state of the art products from Boulder, Mark Levinson, Esoteric, ATC, Aerial Acoustics, Revel, Martin Logan and others, as well as custom designed products specifically built for a client's application.


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