Cello has a dedicated team to serve you; systems design, project management, CAD design, acoustical design, audio/video engineering, user interface design, network design, manufacturing, client services and software programming. All these facets work together with our implementation personnel to create a unique culture focused on solutions for our clients.

In 1999 Cello Technologies Incorporated invested over 1.5 million dollars on technology research and development for the benefit of current and future clients.

Cello is one of the only companies in the industry that has a dedicated design team and also maintains the flexibility to bring in experts in a given field when required.

The vast majority of Cello's new business is a direct result of referrals from satisfied clients.

80% of the Cello Team is dedicated to technical services. The average experience level of our technical staff is over 5 years.

Cello has installed systems for over a dozen of the Forbes 400 list; we have one of the most extensive and exclusive client lists in the industry.

Cello has installed systems into many award winning homes and yachts.

Cello was the first company in the world to focus on acoustic isolation as well as acoustic treatment for residential applications. While most other companies are just starting to look at acoustic treatment, utilizing in house 'experts', with little or no regard for isolation issues, Cello has been utilizing the most well respected experts in the industry to fulfill projects and train our staff.

We have installed systems for recording studio executives as well as recording celebrities.

We have assisted in product development for many major electronics manufacturers, as well as for some of the northwest's most well known technology companies.

We have installed systems for dozens of executive level (president, vice president, CEO, CFO, CTO) persons of major technology companies in the United States.

Cello is one of the only companies in the industry that delivers "construction ready" blueprints. Other companies might deliver drawings, but they usually aren't something that you can actually, physically build from.

Cello's CAD skills are equal to most architectural firms. Very few competitors are capable of true CAD design, more often relying on a canned, one size fits all design aproach. One of Cello's original CAD designers won the national AutoCAD competition when he was only 20 years old.

Very few others, if any, in this industry are as dedicated to customer service. Ask our customers, when we say we will do something, we do it. When we are asked to do something, we do it, no excuses.


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