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Pro Amati

The Pro Amati offers extremely natural sound, wide dynamic range, deep bass, and lightening fast response in a compact and elegant design. The Pro Amati is designed to fill a large room evenly with natural, tonally balanced sound.

With design considerations for cabinet size and driver array, the hand finished drivers, crossover boards, wiring and other materials used in all models are of the same high level of quality, construction and component requirements and parameters.

If a musician is playing in a room, everyone in the room hears the sound that is unmistakably that of a real instrument. The Pro Amati fills a room with sound in the same way. Pro Amati owners experience the sensation of being "in the room" with the performers.

The Pro Amati is a modular system. One pair can be placed on stands or hung on a wall in a simple stereo system. One can be used as the center channel in a home theater system. Pro Amati's are ideally suited to surround channel applications as well.

Furthermore, by using two Pro Amati speakers per channel, the Double Pro Amati provides the same driver complement as the Grand Masters and is a logical choice when the size of the larger model is impractical. The single or Double Pro Amati can also be combined with existing Stradivari Series speakers to update simple stereo systems into complete surround system, offering a combination of performance and appearance which is beyond the expectation of most music lovers and film enthusiasts.

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Double Pro Amati

Product Specifications:

3/4" (4)

2" (4)

12" (1)

Acoustic Suspension

Minimum Power Requirement:
50 watts per channel

4 ohms (nominal)
2 ohm (minimal)

Crossover Frequencies:
400 Hz, 5000 Hz

120 dB per pair
(126 dB for Double Amati)

90 dB

27"w / 20"h / 10"d

85 lbs. each


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