cello encore line preamplifier

The Encore Line Preamplifier

The Encore Line Preamplifier offers sonic transparency and performance specifications which set new standards of excellence in music reproduction.

Advanced technology, never before implemented in high fidelity products, has been coupled with Cello-built precision controls, highly reliable parts, hand engraved metalwork, and superb craftsmanship.

The Encore Line Preamplifier's superior performance is achieved through the most advanced audio engineering. Two major engineering advances are incorporated: new, ultra-pure, active non-transformer circuitry with high common mode rejection, and symmetrical input impedance's of 1 megOhm.

A classic design, compatible with all high quality audio systems, the Encore Line Preamplifier is equally suited to the most demanding recording studio and residential listening applications.

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Product Specifications:

The Encore Line Preamplifier has a total of five (5) inputs. One (1) balanced and four (4) single ended inputs are provided.

Single-ended inputs 1 and 2 function as monitoring inputs in addition to normal inputs. This allows deck to deck dubbing as well as simultaneous recording with two machines.

Two (2) sets of single ended and one (1) set of Fischer 3-pin balanced main outputs are provided.

Two (2) sets of single ended record outputs are provided.

Frequency Response:
+/- 0.25dB @ 20 - 20000 Hz


<-97 dBV

Maximum Output:
12 Volts

19"w / 3.9"h / 14"d (Audio Suite)
19"w / 3.9"h / 8.5"d (Power Supply)

Shipping Weight:
35 lbs. (w/ Power Supply)


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