cello encore 150 amplifier

The Encore 150 Amplifier

The Encore 150 Amplifier is comprised of two solid state mono-power amplifiers with dual choke power supplies.

Input impedance is one megOhm and input sensitivity is high, permitting the Encore 150 to be driven by any preamp. Output impedance is low to ensure the best interaction with any speaker load.

The Encore 150 Amplifier’s sonic outputs include a tight bass and open highs. It offers the clear, balanced, effortless sound, which is the hallmark of Cello. It is ideally suited to systems that require medium to large amounts of power to achieve realistic performance levels.

The Encore 150 Amplifiers are individually handmade from the finest parts and materials and use proprietary Cello circuitry that represents state-of- the-art audio electronics.

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Product Specifications:

Class of operation:
Class AB2

Power Output:
@8 Ohms Rated: 150 Watts;
@4 Ohms Rated: 300 Watts;


<0.05% (60 Hz / 8 Ohms / 150 Watt Output)

THD (20 - 20000Hz):
<0.1% (8 Ohms / 150 Watt Output)
<0.2% (4 Ohms / 300 Watt Output)

Frequency Response:
+/-0.2 dB @ 20 - 20000 Hz

Dynamic Headroom:
3 dB

Channel Separation:

Signal to Noise:
< -110 dB (10 - 22000 Hz / Rated Output)

Input Sensitivity:
1.8 V (8 Ohms / 150 Watts)

Input Impedance:
1 mOhm (Non-Inverting)
1 mOhm (Inverting)

26 dB

19"w / 7"h / 21"d (each of two chassis)

Shipping Weight:
98 lbs. each unit
196 lbs. each pair


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